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ENVICARE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. is the world-leading water and wastewater Treatment Company providing the most comprehensive water treatment systems, Sludge handling systems and services for industrial, institutional and municipal customers. With strong experience and knowledge base, over 13 years to handle different grades of water and effluents and more than 400 no. of Installations across India and abroad.
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Effluent Treatment Plants ( ETP )

We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erect and Commission Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) on Turnkey basis for various types and natures of wastewaters, effluents which combines advanced physico-chemical treatment processes with tertiary polishing system for the removal of organic, inorganic, oil and grease, heavy metals & suspended solids.
Effluent Treatment Plants ( ETP )

Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP )

We Design, Fabricate, Supply, Erect and Commission Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) for treating sewage generated by Industry, large colonies, Hotels, Hospitals, IT Parks and commercial buildings.
Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP )
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We are Manufacturer and Supplier and majorly we serve our products for customers in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Lukhnow, Agra, Banaras, Varanasi, Allahabad, Bihar- Patana, West Bengal - Kolkata, Kanpur.
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